“Our wives want the best for our children but, as husbands, we want the best for them. We engineered the Snuugo wearable breast pump to make their nursing experience journey more efficient and comfortable.”

Justin and Charles
Dads, Engineers, and Snuugo inventors

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“When our baby wasn’t latching well, we bought a breast pump on our friends’ recommendation. It was as bulky as a bowling ball but bearable—until my wife had to return work. She would hide in the storeroom 2 to 3 times a day just to pump. This got me thinking about the challenges that nursing mums have to face, on top of all the pressures of motherhood.”

- Justin


“After my wife’s maternity leave, expressing milk was a challenge even though her office had a nursing room. With hectic meeting schedules, she almost developed mastitis more than once because of missed pumps. We joked about how great it would be if she could pump from her desk or even during meetings.”

- Charles

Snuugo, by your side

That’s why we engineered our products to be human-centric and smart, automating tasks and combining more functions into versatile technology purposefully made for you. Portable, adaptable, and discreet, you’ll find comfort, performance, and peace of mind in every new experience with Snuugo by your side.

Life, made simpler

Our promise, and the promise of the many mothers we worked with through research, design, and development stages: Snuugo responds to your specific needs, works hard for you, and makes life simpler— so you can relax, exhale a little bit, and just love being a mum