Snuugo Pump Bottles (Pack of 2)
Reusable. BPA and BPS free bottles (160ml) for collecting and storing.
Safe for sterilizing via boiling steaming and/or UV sterilization.

Includes: 2 Bottles

2 Storage Lids.

Snuugo Pump Breast Shields (Pack of 2)
Our PPSU Asian Fit breast shield design ensures effective suction and comfort.
Available in two sizes 20 mm and 24 mm for comfort during pumping.

Includes: 2 PPSU Breast Shields.

For use exclusively with Snuugo Pump.



20 mm
24 mm
Snuugo Pump Bra Adjusters (Pack of 4)
Create extra room in your nursing bra for Snuugo Pump (if needed) with these custom - designed clips.
Compatible with any quick - release clip nursing bra.

Includes: 4 Bra Adjusters.

For use exclusively with Snuugo Pump.

Snuugo Milk Connectors (Pack of 2)
Our PPSU milk connector seamlessly attaches to pump unit and ensures milk only flows into the bottle.
Swapping of bottles during pumping have never been easier.

The colour of the milk connector is the natural colour of the PPSU material.

Includes: 2 PPSU Milk Connectors.

Snuugo Pump Valve & Diaphragm  (Pack of 2)
Diaphragm attach to Snuugo Pump’s breast shields to create a hygienic closed system pump.
Valve attach to Snuugo milk connectors to ensure that milk only flows into the bottle.

Includes: 2 Valves and 2 Diaphragm.

For use exclusively with Snuugo Pump.